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User Reviews and Comments

"Blake is the Bomb!! Thanks "
-Walt and Mary (03-04-2022)

"Having someone like Blake who I trust to work on my computer is priceless. To say he is knowledgeable is an understatement. I appreciate his quick response time also and reasonable fee."
-Vicki Coy (02-12-2022)

"One of the things I like best about TekDoc is their quickness to respond to computer problems the come out of left field while I'm working. Blake is good about explaining what he's doing, what I should worry about, what's no big deal and he tells me the options I have for getting up and running again. Very smart, patient and considerate. Costs for their services are extremely reasonable.☺ Plus, he ends his service calls with amazing card tricks at no extra charge! Thanks for coming to the rescue again on this early Saturday morning."
-bec francis (09-11-2021)

"Exceptional service skills and customer interactions! Thanks, Blake!"
-Peggy Neale-Lewis (06-07-2021)

"Bake is always a wealth of knowledge with tech assistance. He's naturally an optimist and genuine person and it shows in his work. Scheduling is generally quick and our tech needs are taken care of. I highly recommend Blake for all your tech needs! "
-Linda B Eagle (10-06-2020)

"Blake was knowledgeable and very helpful when addressing our server problem."
-Steve Weiner (06-12-2020)

"I’ve been using Tekdoc’s services for at least 10 years, back when Blake had long hair😁. From day 1 he’s been super helpful and professional with any problem I had. My desktop just died, but he was able to retrieve all my data and get me set up with a new laptop in a matter of days. He makes you feel like you’re his best customer. I hope he never leaves Columbia."
-TONY Schmidt (04-02-2020)

"One of the best in knowledge, response time, and patience. We have had several computer support experts help us in the past 25 years, but Blake at TekDoc has bee the very best and understands our needs every time."
-Leigh and Brian Habermehl (02-07-2020)

"Because Blake is a computer genius he keeps my wife sane when technology drives her up the wall. That alone is worth the fee but he also fixes computer problems quickly."
-Eric Staley (05-30-2019)

"quick, efficient service for a reasonable fee. "
-Joy Marzolf (05-07-2019)

"He did a great job."
-penny messer (01-07-2019)

"Thanks for helping me with my new smart tv. It will be nice to be able to find what I want to watch. I will call you if I need more help."
-penny messer (01-07-2019)

"Always a pleasure. Thanks you for your timely and critical help."
-Keith Miller (09-25-2018)

"Thank you for your quick response and your patients. You always do a wonderful job."
-Midway Enterprises Inc - Debbie (03-22-2018)

"Blake Thank you for your patients in working with all of us. Also, thank you for your quick response. Still working out a few kinks but we love our new system."
-Midway Enterprise - Debbie (02-01-2018)

"Thank you very much for coming out. We are pleased with your help. Will call again if we have issues. Hope you enjoyed the drive. Linda"
-Frink Trucking, Inc. ~ Linda (10-13-2016)

"Thanks for the tricky work on the laptop! And for the great coaching about saving to the cloud. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to work well!"
-Ed Hanson (10-12-2016)

"One morning I texted Blake and asked him when he could set up my new computer. By that evening, Blake texted me that he could come out the next day!! Blake came the next day just like he said. He set up my computer and showed me how to run my new computer. I would highly recommend Blake for all your computer needs."
-Cheryl Burlingame (09-11-2016)

"Blake is hands down the most knowledgeable network tech I have ever worked with, plus he is just so frikin nice and we love the magic. If you ever need a referral from a prospective customer, please give them my number. It is comforting to have someone to contact that actually knows what he is doing and never has screwed up our processes while fixing problems which I cannot say for past techs. Blake, you are the wind brother! Keep up the good work and thank you."
-Marc LaFerriere (08-25-2016)

"I highly recommend Blake. He is knowledgeable, friendly and completes his tasks quickly. My husband and I are 100% satisfied with his service and we will not hesitate to call if we need him again!<br /> THANKS BLAKE!!!"
-Debra Henderson (08-17-2016)

"Once again, Blake has been a pleasure to work with. He is so flexible! Met me at my place of work during my lunch hour and replaced the keyboard on my laptop in about ten minutes. TekDoc is very responsive, reasonable, and flexible. Kudos once again!"
-Lorrie (05-19-2016)

" Blake is a good guy, knows his stuff, and is patient with us that are not tech savvy. I highly recommend him.<br /> Tony"
-Tony schmidt (05-04-2016)

"TEKDOC is the best."
-James Marzolf (05-02-2016)

"He sold me my laptop and helped me set it up . . . then when I needed technical assistance, he was only a phone call away. I highly recommend this company!"
-Lisa M. Stevens (03-28-2016)

"I have been having Blake work on our system for a few years now. He's always prompt and courteous. He usually fixes the problem on the first visit, but if not, he returns when you need him. Great professionalism. Great Magician!! Card tricks ROCK!!"
-WILSON LAW OFFICE (02-24-2016)

"Always prompt and professional service. A huge help to our small business. "
-Chris (02-19-2016)

" Excellent service. "
-Dorothy Mountjoy (11-10-2015)

"Blake is the man....he is always professional, informative and fixes whatever ails us! Highly recommended and truly a great value!"
-Modern Property Groups (10-23-2015)

"Highly recommend Tekdoc! Solved all my issues and got me set up with a system I can use. Top notch service! "
-Jean King (09-05-2015)

"You guys are great.I appreciate the help."
-Fred (07-23-2015)

"As usual easy in easy out, problem almost solved. Super junk is gone still have issues with the games. They don&quot;t act up when you are here. I think they are afraid to. Afraid they might get kicked out for good. otherwise total satisfaction. Thanks. If I here someone complain I will refer. Ron"
-ron boyd (06-06-2015)

"Blake has always done a great job working on our computers. He is very knowledgeable and has been able to resolve any computer related issue we have presented to him. "
-Jan Frost (05-11-2015)

"Blake, GREAT service!!"
-Carol (05-04-2015)

"Blake is very dedicated. He worked late to get what we needed done. We thought Blake had the best idea for a network server and backup. "
-Kathy Miller (02-17-2015)

"Absolutely the best service ever. I am very impressed. None better."
-Vicki Faurot (02-03-2015)

"I am repeating the much deserved praise for Blake. He is outstanding. Did what he said and got our computers sparkling clean!!!!!!!! We are up and running now! Thank you."
-Debra Collins (11-04-2014)

"Thanks Blake for getting my issues worked out and me going again! Will try what I was suppose to have learned and get back to you!"
-Ken Epperson (10-13-2014)

"Blake - You THE man!"
-David Maddock (10-10-2014)

"Great service. Thank you so much!!"
-Lissa (08-20-2014)

"We have used Tek Doc for several years and appreciate their promptness, knowledge and skill. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again Blake. "
-Diane Sublett (06-19-2014)

"Blake is always very responsive and knowledgeable. Can't say enough good things! Thanks for all that you do."
-Janet Bezler (06-12-2014)

"First time using Tekdoc. Will highly recommend to my friends. Blake works &quot;magic&quot;!"
-Sue Bolin (06-09-2014)

"As always exceptional service. Very knowledgeable and can always be depended on. Thanks, too, for all the patience."
-Judy L. Lawrence (04-03-2014)

"Blake has been keeping our computer running for years. His knowledge, skill, and creative thinking combine to make him the perfect man for the job, Dependable, prompt, and always pleasant."
-Harry V. Barnard (12-31-2013)

"Took a little longer than I expected, but they got the job done and the price was right!"
-Michelle Schiefer (10-29-2013)

"Very quick turn around, great communication."
-Shane Winter (08-06-2013)

"Thanks Blake. Everything is working fine. It's always great discussing things about computer with you. You are the best!!"
-Ken Steiner (07-16-2013)

"Very pleased with the prompt service, quick repair and reasonable charges coupled with pleasant personalaties."
-Tom Austin (06-13-2013)

"Thank you. Great, friendly, personable . I wouldn't call anyone one else. Thanks for getting my computer running better again."
-Sandra Ferrell (04-14-2013)

"Thanks Blake! Our restaurant's new website is easy to edit, nice and simple and you were great to work with! The Wine Cellar &amp; Bistro"
-Wine Cellar Bistro Sarah (04-09-2013)

"Blake is AWESOME!!! He is one of the best tekkies I have ever had work on my computers. His knowledge of systems and transferring files and setting up sharing apps far surpasses anyone else I have had work on my business equipment. 7 diamonds / 9 hearts.. amazing magic trick!! :D"
-Paula (12-03-2012)

"Thanks for your quick attention to my computer problem. It is not crashing anymore and now runs like a top. I would recommend your services to anyone."
-George Kracke (11-29-2012)

"Feels great to be up and running again. great response and turnaround. quite reasonable fee. taught me alot. great personality! left us smiling :)"
-karen barrow (10-10-2012)

"Great support. I'll remember from this point forward what the "internet" symbol looks like. Thanks for updating my anti-virus and setting my default wireless printer. King of Diamonds; 9 of Hearts."
-Rick Wilson (10-01-2012)

"Quick response, problem solved quickly, fair price, it was an excellent experience and we highly recommend. "
-Walt (09-29-2012)

" Simply put, Blake's a pro. He's patient and speaks a tech language readily understood. I highly recommend TEKDOC's services !"
-Keith Krueger (09-11-2012)

"Blake worked on desktop and laptop. Things always work better when he gets through with them. I like to just have them checked out every 12-18 months. He has built 3 desk tops over the years for me and each one was fantastic. "
-Gary Winter (09-04-2012)

"Thanks you Blake for adding the PDF file so I could print the information I need. You did a great job on fixing my computer."
-Sally Johnson (07-23-2012)

"I was very happy with the service. Blake was very courteous and patient with a technically challenged customer. Already recommended Tekdoc."
-yvonne ball (06-14-2012)

"The response time was great. Blake was here in a jiffy. I appreciate all your help. I've already told my friends about your service."
-Marcia Bower (12-13-2011)

"I've found Blake to be very knowledgeable and responsive to my computing problems. I highly recommend Tek-Doc to all my friends. I appreciate their professionalism and their friendly attitude. Prices are fair, too. A good value for the money."
-Mark Fleetwood (11-29-2011)

"Thank you so were very pleasant to work. It is hard to trust people these days. It was nice to work with someone that we felt comfortable with. We will tell ALL our friends about you.I am typing this on my new computer..Thanks TEK DOC"
-sandra and michael (11-14-2011)

"TEKDOC is a very reliable service. They are always able to fix the problem. Blake helped me with many different problems I had with several computers here at the school. Would recommend to anyone with computer problems.Thanks TEKDOC!"
-Sydni Uhrig (10-14-2011)

"I have had two occasions to do business with Tekdoc. Blake is professional and listens to what the consumer wants.. Would recommend this company to my friends."
-BONNIE STAEHE (10-01-2011)

"Blake was great, a BIG help. He made it possible for me to make changes to my website with clear, easy instructions. He also sold me a new laptop (which I needed but hadn't truly planned to buy until after I moved to Florida) and a few related items. He also took my old tower, cleaned it up, and returned it promptly."
-Frank Julian (08-31-2011)

"You all could not have been more helpful. In fact, I'm typing these words on my new computer and keyboard. Thanks for your speedy and professional assistance."
-Frank julian (08-19-2011)

"Repeat customer. Obviously satisfied. I was unable to connect to the www. Established new profile rather than waste time and money looking for a needle in a hay stack. One hour job reduced to was the bill. Prompt and efficient. Thanks, Blake."
-Rick Wilson (08-05-2011)

"Blake was on time, everything was fixed to my greatest satisfaction - recommend this company to anybody. Thanks!"
-monika prost (07-28-2011)

"As a senior citizen I am so happy to be associated with this wonderful company and they provide excellent service. I am very happy to have TEKDOC. Thanks."
-Dorothh Mountjoy (07-23-2011)

"Service was prompt and problem was fixed in very little time and good advice given for different setup that would be more efficient for me and parts needed gotten immediately. "
-Sheila Myers (07-19-2011)

"We are very pleased with the service we got. You solved our problem. Thank you so much!"
-Sandy Craig (06-23-2011)

"Problem resolved with professional care. Blake got me reconnected to the internet, installed virus protection, removed trouble spots, created a backup and offered future insight as to what I should be doing next. Skilled. Prompt. Responsive. Professional. Caring. Trustworthy. Great job. Thanks."
-Rick Wilson (06-13-2011)

"Excellent work. Prompt. Reasonable. In and work started after questions asked to find out problem. Great recommendations after finding what needed to be done. Will recommend to my friends."
-Ronald Boyd (06-02-2011)

"Prompt, excellent service. Friendly, professional, reasonable prices. Recommending you to all my friends. Will definitely use your services again in the future. "
-Connie (05-31-2011)

"Columbia's greatest computer repair resource! I love how they go the extra mile to rise above and beyond expectation. Completely reasonable and fair prices... friendly, professional and just all around good people. I will recommend Tek Doc to everyone!"
-Linda Bott (05-26-2011)

"As always, we are so impressed by your kindness, swift work, flexibility, and professionalism! Thanks again for your great work! "
-Lisa Ogden (05-16-2011)

"Excellent service. Enjoying my computer once again. I will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again."
-Helen (04-24-2011)

"Thanks again Blake, for helping out like you did and not making fun of the computer challenged (LOL)."
-Debbie Riggs (03-24-2011)

"I really thought the tech guy was really professional and knowledgeable about so much and very reasonable on prices. I will defiantly use you guys in future and recommend you highly. Thanks again."
-Debbie Riggs (03-22-2011)

"Aaaahhhhh. So nice to have my laptop back to running smooth and fast. Thanks for the awesome job!!!!"
-Melinda Bobbitt (03-15-2011)

"Thanks Guys. Nice to work with you on the software development project. Will be in touch for more support. Blake was good to work with, Has high level of integrity and wanted to work with us to develop a software program that would meet our needs and be reliable. BRAVO!"
-Mary JOhnson-Gerard (03-02-2011)

"TekDoc was very helpful. Prompt service. Blake was very friendly. Reasonable pricing. Would definitely recommend to a friend."
-Jill Sippel (02-14-2011)

"What I appreciate is not only the extensive knowledge that Blake has but his patience with a customer who is not computer "literate" -- and his good sense of humor. Thanks for being so understanding and for the good work. Judy"
-Judy L. Lawrence (12-21-2010)

"I think your service is outstanding. I would recommend it without hesitation. "
-Dorothy Mountjoy (12-08-2010)

"As a repeat client, I must appreciate your knowledge and skill. In addition, I appreciate your prompt response to calls and your friendliness."
-Harry V. Barnard (12-03-2010)

"Thanks to Tekdoc my clunky old freezing-up laptop is now smooth sailing--only wish I had had this done sooner! The service was excellent!"
-Bridget Murphy (12-02-2010)

"Superb support. Blake 's knowledge is enhanced by delightful personality. I highly recommend TEKDOC and plan to continue using Blake as when I need service."
-Harry Barnard (11-11-2010)

"Enjoyed meeting Blake, appreciated his help, and look forward to his helping me again in the near future"
-Harry V. Barnard (11-02-2010)

"Service was excellent!"
-Dorothy Mountjoy (10-19-2010)

"Very helpful service call. A new computer would be great but am going to hold off for now."
-Eric Bader (10-03-2010)

"We really appreciate the fast and friendly service you provided to us. We will recommend you to all of our family, friends and co-workers that need service for their computers. Thanks again."
-Tom & Kathy Ogden (08-26-2010)

"I think TekDoc is great. A wonderful addition to the community. My laptop is amazing. It's fast, does exactly what I want and came with really great service. I will highly recommend Tekdoc to my friends and family."
-Jennie Graham-Henderson (07-29-2010)